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Spring 2020 Class Schedule

Spring 2020 course descriptions
REL 101-6-22Spiritual but not ReligiousPerryMW  11-12:20pm
REL 210-21Introduction to BuddhismBuckelewMW  12:30-1:50pm
REL 220-20Introduction to Hebrew BibleWimpfheimerMWF  9:00-9:50am
REL 250-20Introduction to IslamIngramTTH  11-12:20pm
REL 295-21 / ASIAN_LG 260-21Ahiṃsā: Nonviolence in South Asia and BeyondMcClishTTH  11-12:20pm
REL 315-21 / ASIAN_LG 390-21Buddhist Auto/biographyJacobyTTH  9:30-10:50am
REL 339-22KabbalahWimpfheimerMW  11:00-12:20pm
REL 349-20 / HIS 200-20Global ChristianityHanretta / RamírezTTH  3:30-4:50pm
REL 351-20 / MENA 301-3-20 / LEGAL_ST 376-21Islamic Law (RLP)IngramW  3-5:30pm
REL 369-22 / AF_AM 380-22African American Religions (RLP)PerryMW  3:30-4:50pm
REL 369-25 / EPC 390-25Media, Earth, & Making a DifferenceTaylorT  2-4:30pm
REL 386-26 / HIS 200-26Witches, Heretics and Demons: The Inquisition in the New WorldRamírezMW  11:00-12:20pm
REL 462-21Religion, Media and Digital CultureTaylorF  12-2:30pm
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