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Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Winter 2020 Course Descriptions
REL 101-6-21IslamophobiaIngramTTH  11:00-12:20pm
REL 200-20Introduction to HinduismMcClishTTH  11:00-12:20pm
REL 221-20Introduction to New TestamentDingeldeinMW  12:30-1:50pm
REL 230-20Introduction to JudaismWimpfheimerMWF  9:00-9:50am
REL 265-20 / HIS 200-24American Religious History from WWII to Present (RLP)PerryMW  11-12:20pm
REL 301-20 / ASIAN_LG 360-21Hindu Epics: Mahābhārata McClishM  2-4:50pm
REL 316-20 / ASIAN_LG 300-20Religion and the Body in China (RHM, RSG)BuckelewTTH  2:00-3:20pm
REL 339-21 / AMER_ST 310-3American JudaismSufrinTTH  9:30-10:50am
REL 369-24 / AF_AM_ST 380-0-22Black Religious Thought (RLP)PerryMW  3:30-4:50pm
REL 471-20 / HIST 405-30 / GNDR_ST 490-22Graduate Seminar: Embodiment/Materility/AffectMolinaF  11:00-1:30pm
REL 481-2-20Graduate Seminar: Theories of ReligionIngramW  10-1:00pm
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