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Annual 2020-2021 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
ART_HIST 340-1Baroque Art: Italy and Spain, 1600 to 1750Escobar
REL 101-6-20First-Year Seminar: IslamophobiaIngram
REL 101-6-21First-Year Seminar: Paying AttentionBuckelew
REL 101-6-23First-Year Seminar: Religion and Land EthicsMcClish
REL 170-20Introduction to ReligionMolina
REL 170-26 ONLINEIntroduction to Religion
REL 200-20Introduction to HinduismMcClish
REL 210-20Introduction to BuddhismBuckelew
REL 220-20Introduction to Hebrew BibleWimpfheimer
REL 221-22Introduction to New TestamentChalmers
REL 230-22Introduction to JudaismSufrin
REL 230-26 ONLINEIntroduction to Judaism
REL 240-20Introduction to ChristianityChalmers
REL 250-20Introduction to IslamIngram
REL 265-20 / HISAmerican Religious History from WWII to Present (RLP)Brehm
REL 270-20Introduction to TheologyHelmer
REL 309-21 / ASIAN_LG 390-20Hindu Epics: Rāmāyaṇa (RLP)McClish
REL 316-21 / ASIAN_LG 300-21Religion and the Body in China (RHM, RSG)Buckelew
REL 318-22 / ASIAN_LG 290-20Buddhism and Violence (RLP)Terrone
REL 318-23 / ASIAN_LG 300-23Religion and politics in the People's Republic of China (RLP)Terrone
REL 319-22 / ASIAN_LG 390-22Chan/Zen BuddhismBuckelew
REL 319-23 / ASIAN_LG 390-23East Asian ClassicsTerrone
REL 339-20 / GNDR_ST 390-21Gender and Sexuality in Judaism (RSG)Sufrin
REL 345-20SainthoodKieckhefer
REL 349-21Christianity and the Fall of RomeChalmers
REL 349-22How Thin is a Demon? Bodies and Ancient Christianity (RHM)Chalmers
REL 349-23Topics in ChristianityChalmers
REL 369-20 / ENV_POL 390-24Media, Earth, & Making a DifferenceTaylor
REL 371-20Existentialism and FilmMolina
REL 379-20 / POLI_SCI 382-20Politics of Religious Diversity (RLP)Hurd
REL 379-21Religion and Magic (RHM)Kieckhefer
REL 379-22 / SLAVIC 210-3Spiritual Autobiography & Russian Literature (RHM)McReynolds
REL 379-23Science Fiction and Social Justice (RLP, RSG)King
REL 379-26 ONLINEReligion and Land Ethics
REL 386-20 / HISReligion & Race in Latin America (RLP)Molina
REL 395-20Theories of ReligionTaylor
REL 468-20 / GERMAN 408-1Graduate Seminar: Critical Theory and ReligionHelmer
REL 471-20 / GNDR_ST 490-20 / HIS 492-20Graduate Seminar: Embodiment/Materiality/AffectMolina
REL 471-21 / POLI_SCI 490-24Graduate Seminar: Religion, Race and Global PoliticsHurd
REL 473-20Graduate Seminar: Tibetan Buddhist TantraJacoby
REL 473-22 / ASIAN_LG 492-22Graduate Seminar: Studies in Modern BuddhismTerrone
REL 481-1-20Graduate Seminar: Theories of ReligionMcClish
REL 482-20Graduate Seminar: Religion and NarrativeWimpfheimer
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