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Fall 2020 Class Schedule

Fall Course Descriptions
REL 101-6-20First-Year Seminar: IslamophobiaIngramTTH 2:40-4:00pm  remote/synchronous
REL 101-6-21First-Year Seminar: Paying AttentionBuckelewMW 2:40-4:00pm  remote/synchronous
REL 200-20Introduction to HinduismMcClishremote/asynchronous 
REL 220-20Introduction to Hebrew BibleWimpfheimerMW 9:40-11:00am  remote/synchronous
REL 250-20Introduction to IslamIngramremote/asynchronous 
REL 319-22 / ASIAN_LG 390-22Chan/Zen BuddhismBuckelewMW 9:40-11:00am  remote/synchronous
REL 319-23 / ASIAN_LG 390-23East Asian ClassicsTerroneTTH 11:20-12:40pm  remote/synchronous
REL 339-20 / GNDR_ST 390-21Gender and Sexuality in Judaism (RSG)SufrinTTH 9:40-11:00am  remote/synchronous
REL 349-21Christianity and the Fall of RomeChalmersMW 11:20-12:40pm  remote/synchronous
REL 369-20 / ENV_POL 390-24Media, Earth, & Making a DifferenceTaylorF 2:40-5:10pm  remote/synchronous
REL 395-20Theories of ReligionTaylorTH 2:40-5:10pm  remote/synchronous
REL 473-20Graduate Seminar: Tibetan Buddhist TantraJacobyW 11:30-2:00pm  hybrid/remote&in-person
REL 481-1-20Graduate Seminar: Theories of ReligionMcClishT 2:40-5:10pm  remote/synchronous
ART_HIST 340-1Baroque Art: Italy and Spain, 1600 to 1750EscobarTTH 11:20-12:40pm   remote/synchronous
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