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Spring 2021 Class Schedule

Spring 2021 Course Desciptions
REL 101-6-23First-Year Seminar: Religion and the Land EthicMcClishTTH 11:00-12:20pm  remote/synchronous
REL 240-20Introduction to ChristianityChalmersMW 11:00-12:20pm  remote/synchronous
REL 265-20 / HIS 200-22American Religious History from WWII to Present (RLP)BrehmTTH 9:30-10:50am  remote/synchronous
REL 270-20Introduction to TheologyHelmerMWF 10:00-10:50am  remote/synchronous
REL 318-22 / ASIAN_LG 290-20Buddhism and Violence (RLP)TerroneTTH 11:00-12:20pm  remote/synchronous
REL 349-23Topics in Christianity: Ancient Books and their PowerChalmersMW 2:00-3:20pm  remote/synchronous
REL 371-20 / RTVF 398-20Religion, Film, ExistentialismMolinaT 2-3:50pm  remote/synchronous
REL 379-20 / POLI_SCI 382-20Politics of Religious Diversity (RLP)HurdTTH 12:30-1:50pm  remote/synchronous
REL 379-21Religion and Magic (RHM)KieckheferMW 3:30-4:50pm  remote/synchronous
REL 386-20 / HIS 300-30Sin, Salvation, and Racialization in Latin America (RLP)MolinaTH 2:00-3:50pm  remote/synchronous
REL 473-22 / ASIAN_LG 492-22Graduate Seminar: Studies in Modern BuddhismTerroneT 2-4:50pm  remote/synchronous
REL 482-20Graduate Seminar: Religion and NarrativeWimpfheimerMW 12:30-1:50pm  remote/synchronous
ENGLISH 220The Bible as LiteratureNewmanMWF 10:00-10:50am  remote/synchronous
SLAVIC 210-3-1Literature and EthicsMcReynoldsMW 11:00-11:20pm  remote/synchronous
SLAVIC 311-0-1DostoevskyMcReynoldsMW 2:00-3:20pm  remote/synchronous
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