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Annual 2022-2023 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
ENG 324-20Magic, Monsters, and the Macabre: The Bizarre Middle AgesStewart
REL 101-6-20First Year Seminar: Queer ReligionKing
REL 101-6-21First Year Seminar: The American Border: Politics, Policy, Theology Hurd
REL 101-6-23First Year Seminar: Afterlives and Living After: Envisioning Other WorldsStewart
REL 170-20Introduction to ReligionMolina
REL 170-26 ONLINEIntroduction to Religion
REL 172-20Introduction to Religion, Media, & CultureTaylor
REL 172-21Introduction to Religion, Media, and CultureTaylor
REL 200-20Introduction to HinduismMcClish
REL 210-20Introduction to BuddhismJacoby
REL 220-20Introduction to Hebrew BibleWimpfheimer
REL 221-20Introduction to New TestamentStewart
REL 230-20Introduction to JudaismWimpfheimer
REL 230-26 ONLINEIntroduction to Judaism
REL 240-20Introduction to ChristianityHelmer
REL 250-20 / MENA 290-5-20Introduction to IslamIngram
REL 264-20 / HIS 200-22American Religious History from 1865 to the Great DepressionOrsi
REL 265-20 / HIS 200-25 / AMER_ST 310-50American Religious History from WWII to Present (RLP)Orsi
REL 305-1-20NEW COURSE: Introduction to Textual Languages: Sanskrit 1McClish
REL 305-2-20NEW COURSE: Introduction to Textual Languages: Sanskrit 2McClish
REL 312-20 / ASIAN_LC 390-0-20Buddhism and Gender (RSG)Jacoby
REL 318-21 / ASIAN_LC 300-21Religion and Politics in the People's Republic of China (RLP)Terrone
REL 318-22 / ASIAN_LC 290-0-20East Asian Religious ClassicsTerrone
REL 318-22 / ASIAN_LC 390-20Martial Arts, Religion, and Philosophy in East AsiaTerrone
REL 318-23 / ASIAN_LC 390-22Fate, Fortune, and Karma in East AsiaBuckelew
REL 319-20 / ASIAN_LC 390-23Chan/Zen BuddhismBuckelew
REL 319-21 / ASIAN_LC 390-20Buddhism and Violence (RLP)Terrone
REL 319-22 / ASIAN_LC 390-21Buddhist Literature in TranslationTerrone
REL 339-20From Jacob’s Tents to Katz’s Deli: American Judaism and “Sacred Space”Ariel Schwartz
REL 349-20Medicine, Miracles, and Magic: Healthcare in the Middle Ages (RHM)Stewart
REL 354-20 / MENA 390-5-1SufismIngram
REL 359-20 / ANTHRO 384-20 / MENA 301-3-20Traveling while Muslim: Islam, Mobility and Security after 9/11 (RLP)Yildiz
REL 359-23 / MENA 301-3-23 Islam and ColonialismIngram
REL 360-26 ONLINEThe Black Atlantic -- A Religious Interpretation
REL 369-24 / ENVR_POL 390Media, Earth, and Making a Difference (RLP)Sarah Taylor
REL 374-20 / AF_AM_ST 380-21Soul Beauty: Religion and Black Expressive CulturesMillner
REL 379-20 / AF_AM 381-21 / LACS 391-20Religion, Culture, and Resistance in the Caribbean (RLP)Dennis Meade
REL 379-22 / HIST 395-30 / HUM 325-5 / LATIN_AM 391-22Refugees/Migration/ Exile: A workshop in digital visual story-telling (RLP, RSG)Molina
REL 379-23 / GNDR_ST 361-22Science Fiction and Social Justice (RLP, RSG)King
REL 379-24Religion and Magic (RHM)Kieckhefer
REL 395-20Theories of ReligionTaylor
REL 460-20Graduate Seminar: Topics in Christianity: Medieval Women WritersNewman
REL 468-20 / GERMAN 408-1Graduate Seminar: Critical Theory and ReligionOrsi / Helmer
REL 473-20 / ASIAN_LG 492-20Graduate Level: Tibetan language religious & literary textsBhum
REL 481-1-20Graduate Seminar: Classical Theories of ReligionIngram
REL 482-20 / ANTHRO 490-27Graduate Seminar: Anthropology of Religion: Colonial ContextsMolina
REL 482-21 / GENDER_ST 490-23Graduate Level: Feminist Theory and the Study of ReligionJacoby