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African Diaspora Religions

African Diaspora Religions is a vibrant field that engages the diverse traditions of people of African descent, globally. Students in this subfield will focus on the formation of religious traditions that emerged in the New World as a result of the forced dispersal and enslavement of African people. The subfield encourages interdisciplinary research projects that draw on historical and ethnographic methods and the rich tradition of the literary arts. Applicants with interests in the Anglophone and Francophone Caribbean are especially encouraged to apply.

 Students in this subfield might work in the following areas:

  • Creolization of African spiritualities in the Atlantic World
  • Africana religions in colonial Latin America, North America, the Caribbean, Africa, and Europe
  • The role of colonialism, racism, and power in the criminalization of Africana religions
  • The intersection of Africana religion and politics in the Caribbean and Latin America
  • Lived religion and ethnographic methods in the study of Africana Religions
  • Encounters with Catholic and Protestant missionaries in the development of Africana Christianities
  • African Diaspora Religions and the making of modern urbanism
  • Approaches to the study of African Diaspora Religions through the digital humanities

Core Faculty

Supporting Faculty


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