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Religious Studies

Why Study Religion?


International and Interdisciplinary Scholarship

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Religion shapes, and is shaped by, every other dimension of human society. It is impossible to fully understand politics, law, history, or science without understanding religion. We invite you to learn more about the most interdisciplinary field in the university: Religious Studies.

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Spotlight: First-year graduate students

Our first-year religious studies graduate students are diverse in their backgrounds and passions; however, they now embark on their academic endeavors together at Northwestern.  

Get to know  Lugyal Bum, Juliana Sexauer, Daniela Rosas and Yannick Lambert! 

Click here to read more about our first-year graduate students' passions and experiences in their first year of graduate school. 

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Find Your Direction

Alumna Adina Goldman had a path that led her from pre-med to English literature and biological anthropology and then to religious studies and music.

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Professor James Bielo was recently awarded a Luce-AAR Public Scholarship Grant for his ‘Secondhand Religion’ project!
Click below to see Professor Bielo's designation as a 2024 grant recipient for 'Secondhand Religion: The Public Exhibition of Divested Religious Material Culture. 


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Professor Sarah McFarland Taylor's book 'Ecopiety' awarded the 2023 Iris Book Award
Congratulations to Professor James Bielo, who was recently awarded a Luce-AAR Public Scholarship grant as part of his ‘Secondhand Sacred’ project.
Lakeshore Aikido: A martial art that stresses harmony
Professor Helmer’s co-authored book was awarded “finalist” in the National PROSE Book Awards
Spotlight: First-year graduate students

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