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Classical Judaism

The graduate program in Classical Judaism offers a specialization in the textual-historical study of Jewish sources from the first millennium of the Common Era, primarily Rabbinic Literature (Mishnah, Midrash, and Talmud). Students with a dedicated interest in the history of Jewish law and ritual (halakhah), the art and development of rabbinic narratives, and the cultural and intellectual history of early Judaism, are strongly encouraged to apply. This program requires working knowledge of both ancient and modern Hebrew, as well as some familiarity with Jewish Aramaic.

The Classical Judaism program cultivates textual and philological skills that are vital for responsible and well-informed study of Jewish sources, but puts equal emphasis on theoretical sophistication, cross-cultural contextualization, and the ability to engage with different academic disciplines such as literary studies, history, classics, philosophy, anthropology, and the study of different religious traditions.

Core Faculty

Supporting Faculty