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American Religions

Northwestern University’s program in North American Religions specializes in:

  1. The study of religions in the North American past
  2. The historically informed study of contemporary North American religious cultures.

Students elect a primary focus either on religious history or contemporary religions. We invite applicants in all areas of American religious life from the colonial era (across the continent) to the present and in various religious traditions. Possible areas of specialization include religion and ecology in the United States, African American religions, American Catholic history and contemporary life (including the history of American nuns), the history and current practice of the study of religion in the Unites States, urban religions, religion and immigration and migration, Latino and Latina religion, the religious life of children and adolescents, the history of American moral life and conflict (for example, war and peace in American religion, religion and dilemmas of the body in sickness and health), and the relationship between religion and American popular culture. We especially encourage applications from those interested in exploring religion as it is lived and practiced.

Core Faculty

Support Faculty