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Kristin Doll
(Ph.D. '20)
Policing Fanaticism, Religion, & Church Aflame: The 1112 Fire and Repair of the Cathedral of Laon
Jeffrey Wheatley
(Ph.D. '20)
Policing Fanaticism, Religion, & Race in the American Empire, 1830–1930
Aaron Moldenhauer
(Ph.D. '19)
Luther's Doctrine of Christ: Language, Metaphysics, Logic
Benjamin Ricciardi
(Ph.D. '19)
The Weekday Amidah as a Performative Anti-Theodicy
Stephanie Brenzel
(Ph.D. '19)
As Strong as Death: Franz Rosenzweig’s Philosophy of Love in The Star of Redemption
Joel Harrison
(Ph.D. '19)
Between Normativity and History: Ernst Troeltsch's Mystic Type and the Creative Possibility of Values
William Caldwell
(Ph.D. '18)
The Fugitive Islamicate: African Muslims and Black Radicalism across the Atlantic (1492-1925)
Sarah Wolf
(Ph.D. '18)
The Rabbinic Legal Imagination: Narrativity and Scholasticism in the Babylonian Talmud
Hannah Tebbetts
(Ph.D. '18)
Practicing Atheism: Culture, Media, and Ritual in the Contemporary Atheist Network
Myev Rees
(Ph.D. '18)
Martyr Mothers, Angel Babies: Conservative Christian Pronatalism in the Media Age
Jennifer Callaghan
(Ph.D. '17)
Mass Public: God's Word, the People's Language, and U.S. Catholic Liturgical Reform (1940-1974)
Stephanie Brehm
(Ph.D. '17)
America’s Most Famous Catholic: Religion, Authority, Infotainment, and Persona in the Works of Stephen Colbert
Candace Kohli
(Ph.D. '17)
Help for Moral Good: The Soul, the Spirit, and the Law in Martin Luther's Antinomian Disputations (1537-40)
Lynn Hillberg Jencks
(Ph.D. ’16)
'Bendecidos, Encendidos, y En Victoria': Transformative Theology Strategies amongst Latina/o Immigrant Charismatic Catholics in the United States
Ariel Schwartz
(Ph.D. ’16)
In the Wake of Hate: Rebuilding Religion, Place, and Community in Sacramento and Joplin
Matthew Ryan Robinson 
(Ph.D. '15)
Redeeming Relationship, Relationship that Redeems: Free Sociability and the Completion of Humanity in the Thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher
Brian Clites
(Ph.D. ’15
Breaking of Silence: The Catholic Sexual Abuse Survivor Movement in Chicago
Vanessa Crosby
(Ph.D. ’15)
Death od Merchant: Trade and Commemoration in Late Medieval England, 1350 -1520
Kate Dugan
(Ph.D. ’15)
Catholicism Remixed: Catholic Prayer and the Making of Millennial Catholic Subjectivity
Joshua Feigelson
(Ph.D. ’15)
Relationship, Power, and Holy Secularity: Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and American Jewish Life, 1966-1983
Alyssa Henning
(Ph.D. ’15)
Experiments in Judaism: Jewish Sources, Ethics, and Research with Human Subjects
Joseph Moser
(Ph.D. ’15)
Impossible Forgiveness: Levinas and Rwanda in Dialogue
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