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Lily Stewart (Ph.D '22) The Holy Malady: Leprosy, Identity, and the Anatomy of a Medieval Stereotype
Darcie Price-Williams (Ph.D '22) Telling Stories Differently: Changing Landscapes of Ordination for Buddhist Monastic Women in the Tibetan Tradition
James Hill (Ph.D '22) Religion, (Anti)blackness, and Michael Jackson
Ashley King (Ph.D. '21) Hard Femme Religion
Matthew Smith (Ph.D. '21) The Age of Plastic(s): Race, Religion, Ecology, and the Biopolitics of Conversion
Kristin Doll
(Ph.D. '20)
Policing Fanaticism, Religion, & Church Aflame: The 1112 Fire and Repair of the Cathedral of Laon
Jeffrey Wheatley
(Ph.D. '20)
Policing Fanaticism, Religion, & Race in the American Empire, 1830–1930
Aaron Moldenhauer
(Ph.D. '19)
Luther's Doctrine of Christ: Language, Metaphysics, Logic
Benjamin Ricciardi
(Ph.D. '19)
The Weekday Amidah as a Performative Anti-Theodicy
Stephanie Brenzel
(Ph.D. '19)
As Strong as Death: Franz Rosenzweig’s Philosophy of Love in The Star of Redemption
Joel Harrison
(Ph.D. '19)
Between Normativity and History: Ernst Troeltsch's Mystic Type and the Creative Possibility of Values
William Caldwell
(Ph.D. '18)
The Fugitive Islamicate: African Muslims and Black Radicalism across the Atlantic (1492-1925)
Sarah Wolf
(Ph.D. '18)
The Rabbinic Legal Imagination: Narrativity and Scholasticism in the Babylonian Talmud
Hannah Tebbetts
(Ph.D. '18)
Practicing Atheism: Culture, Media, and Ritual in the Contemporary Atheist Network
Myev Rees
(Ph.D. '18)
Martyr Mothers, Angel Babies: Conservative Christian Pronatalism in the Media Age
Jennifer Callaghan
(Ph.D. '17)
Mass Public: God's Word, the People's Language, and U.S. Catholic Liturgical Reform (1940-1974)
Stephanie Brehm
(Ph.D. '17)
America’s Most Famous Catholic: Religion, Authority, Infotainment, and Persona in the Works of Stephen Colbert
Candace Kohli
(Ph.D. '17)
Help for Moral Good: The Soul, the Spirit, and the Law in Martin Luther's Antinomian Disputations (1537-40)
Lynn Hillberg Jencks
(Ph.D. ’16)
'Bendecidos, Encendidos, y En Victoria': Transformative Theology Strategies amongst Latina/o Immigrant Charismatic Catholics in the United States
Ariel Schwartz
(Ph.D. ’16)
In the Wake of Hate: Rebuilding Religion, Place, and Community in Sacramento and Joplin
Matthew Ryan Robinson 
(Ph.D. '15)
Redeeming Relationship, Relationship that Redeems: Free Sociability and the Completion of Humanity in the Thought of Friedrich Schleiermacher
Brian Clites
(Ph.D. ’15
Breaking of Silence: The Catholic Sexual Abuse Survivor Movement in Chicago
Vanessa Crosby
(Ph.D. ’15)
Death od Merchant: Trade and Commemoration in Late Medieval England, 1350 -1520
Kate Dugan
(Ph.D. ’15)
Catholicism Remixed: Catholic Prayer and the Making of Millennial Catholic Subjectivity
Joshua Feigelson
(Ph.D. ’15)
Relationship, Power, and Holy Secularity: Rabbi Yitz Greenberg and American Jewish Life, 1966-1983
Alyssa Henning
(Ph.D. ’15)
Experiments in Judaism: Jewish Sources, Ethics, and Research with Human Subjects
Joseph Moser
(Ph.D. ’15)
Impossible Forgiveness: Levinas and Rwanda in Dialogue