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Faculty colloquium advances discourse on 'Buddhist Masculinities'

February 20, 2024

Faculty members, students and scholars of religious studies filed into an event filled with food and discussion on Feb. 6, 2024. The first religious studies faculty book colloquium of the year was held this month in honor of professor Kevin Buckelew's newest book titled "Buddhist Masculinities." 

Professor Kevin Buckelew specializes in the study of Chinese Buddhism. Buckelew's research delves into how religious identities emerge and come to be seen as socially authoritative, how gender, materiality and embodiment are incorporated into Buddhist soteriology and how the issue of human agency has been addressed by Buddhists. 

"Buddhist Masculinities" is a transdisciplinary book co-edited by Northwestern religious studies professor Kevin Buckelew and Megan Bryson, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The book was published through Colombia University Press in September of last year. 


                                      Photos of the 'Buddhist Masculinities' book cover/ Photo by Jezel Martinez 

"Buddhist Masculinities" contains various essays exploring the diversity and variety of Buddhist masculinities in historical and contemporary contexts. It implements methods of religious studies, art history, anthropology, cultural studies and textual-historical studies to explore multimedia and other embodiments of masculinity in Buddhism. The book seeks to draw scholarly attention to the forms of masculinity that go unstudied due to their "normative" position and discusses contemporary issues of intersectionality, sexual ethics and gender identity. 

This month professor Kevin Buckelew was joined by professor Sarah Jacoby and graduate student Ray Buckner for a book colloquium highlighting his book and its conversations surrounding gender and Buddhism. 

Faculty Book Colloquium Speakers: 
     Assistant Professor of                 Religious Studies    
         Kevin Buckelew      

            Co-editor,  Buddhist                                     Masculinities

     Associate Professor of             Religious Studies 
          Sarah Jacoby


        Ph.D candidate in                 religious studies 
          Ray Buckner 


Professor Sarah Jacoby

Each panelist spoke about Buckelew's "Buddhist Masculinities" and expanded on concepts discussed within the book. There was plenty of room for discourse on questions prompted by the book itself and as well as the audience. Following their individual portions of the book colloquium, the floor was opened up for a Q & A session with the attendees. 

Congratulations to professor Kevin Buckelew on the release of his newest book!


                                                                         Photos from the book colloquium: