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Statement in Solidarity with Northwestern’s Indigenous Community

November 12, 2021

The Department of Religious Studies condemns the desecration of the temporary monument established at The Rock by Northwestern’s Native American and Indigenous Student Alliance (NAISA) in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. Northwestern’s institutional history and the association of its founder John Evans with the Sandy Creek Massacre demands that we all condemn any attempts to silence or marginalize the Indigenous people and communities. Native American Heritage Month is meant to be a time of remembering and acknowledgement and also of great joy. We are confident that this spirit is infinitely stronger than the hate expressed by those who defaced the Rock, and as professors and scholars of religions we look forward now with NAISA to the celebrations ahead during this month of recognition.  

Please see the following links for a statement (with resources) and a list of short term demands from the university from Northwestern’s Native American and Indigenous Students Alliance (NAISA):  Statement & Demands.