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Funding and Grants

Basic Funding

Northwestern University provides all graduate students in the humanities with the same standard package of guaranteed funding. Currently this includes the following:

Normally the first and either the fourth or fifth years are fellowship years; in the remaining years students hold graduate assistantships (GA-ships) in which they serve as teaching assistants or occasionally as research assistants (see Teaching). Some extended support for sixth year writing is available by competitive application. In addition, all students are required to apply for outside funding before the end of the fourth year. For more information, please see The Graduate School's Fellowships and Grants Page.


Conference Travel Grant

Conference funding is available through the department and TGS for students in their second year and beyond. The amount of money provided depends on the number of requests the department receives and the costs of airfare and registration.

Graduate Research Grant

Summer Language Grant

External Funding

Faculty mentors are often good sources of information about grants in students’ particular fields. In addition, the Office of Fellowships is highly successful in helping students to identify and win external grants for research, study, and writing.