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Annie Little (Johnson) '03

My ultimate plan while in college was to get into a good law school. From what attorneys and law students had told me, all I needed to do was major in something I enjoyed and the good grades would follow. They also mentioned that philosophy would be helpful. While I found philosophy classes interesting, they were also very dry. Religion, however, was like philosophy brought to life. One of my favorite aspects of Religious Studies, second only to the stellar faculty, was the multi-disciplinary approach which drew on and integrated religion and theology with sociology, psychology, philosophy, history, economics, politics, women's studies, environmental studies, pop culture, current events...and the list goes on. This approach honed my analytical reasoning and critical thinking abilities while developing my research and writing skills, all of which have been crucial to my success in law school and as an attorney.

While my Religious Studies major has paid for itself by preparing me for the legal profession, its real value has been in reminding me that the so-called ultimate questions in life are those most worth considering. Among such questions is, "What is one's purpose in the universe?" Feeling unfulfilled in my legal career and without a meaningful purpose, I recently decided to find my passion work. Such exploration led me to the conclusion that I need a new career that fully aligns with my personal values. Accordingly, I am in the process of launching my own life coaching business and loving every second!