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Lisa Wang, ‘14

I am currently a third year medical student at NYU School of Medicine and I still reflect frequently on how valuable, enlightening, and precious my undergraduate studies of religion were. It was an opportunity to delve deeply into belief systems and practices which have allowed me to be more sensitive and inquisitive about the human experience. I learned how to ask better questions and how to interpret the answers I received. Personally, I was able to explore my own faith as a Buddhist from an academic perspective.

I wrote my senior thesis on the possible applications of Buddhism in medicine and I continue to attempt putting those ideas into practice. While I am not yet certain of what field of medicine I will ultimately find myself in, I aspire to one day oversee a Buddhist hospice that will be a manifestation of my two greatest interests. Overall the experience has been an invaluable part of who I am and who I hope to be, which will include becoming a balanced and caring physician.