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Megan Wines '15

I didn’t start as a religious studies major at Northwestern, but stumbled into the major after taking an Intro to the New Testament course as a distribution requirement. As a theatre major I found interesting parallels between the realms of religious studies and theatre, and I have been exploring the intersections of the two fields ever since. Following graduation I began working in the Chicago theatre community as a lighting designer and electrician, but found that I missed academia so decided to pursue an MA in Theology which I received from Loyola University Chicago in 2019. During MA program I was introduced to Biblical Performance Criticism, a methodology within Biblical Studies that examines the oral cultures and contexts of the biblical narratives and seeks to re-capture the

As for what I am up to currently, in addition to continuing to be active in the Chicago theatre community, I began my PhD program in New Testament and Early Christianity at Loyola University Chicago in the fall of 2019 where I will continue my studies of the ancient performance contexts of the biblical texts, and I look forward to getting to start teaching students of my very own!