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Amanda Gvozden

Amanda Gvozden is a JD/Ph.D. student in the Religious Studies department. As an undergrad at Dickinson College, she studied religion and neurology focusing on the relationship between religious and mystical practice, neuroplasticity, and temporal lobe epilepsy. Her interest in religion and science focused into an interest in religion and medical ethics. Following these interests, Amanda received her MA degree in religious ethics at the University of Chicago focusing on religion and religion and medical ethics. Outside of the classroom, Amanda served as a fellow with the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship working with pediatric patients and their caregivers on physical and mental stress management using meditative techniques she studied in undergrad. Currently, Amanda is interested in the intersection of religious ethics, law, and medicine. Particularly, she is interested in questions of authority over definitions of “life” and “death,” the medical and legal guidelines that govern religiously affiliated hospitals, and the place of religious belief in the hospital both regarding patients’ treatments and doctors’ practices. Amanda is advised by faculty at both TGS and Pritzker School of Law including Cristina Traina in religious ethics, Andrew Koppelman in First Amendment Law, and Candice Player in Medicine and Law.
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