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Dhondup T. Rekjong

Dhondup T. Rekjong is a doctoral candidate in Buddhist Studies with a strong background in Tibetan history, language, and literature. He was born in Rebkong in the Amdo region of Tibet. His research lies broadly at the intersections of religion, history, culture, and language. He is currently exploring the auto/biographical writings of 20th-century Tibetan intellectuals, whose accounts are windows into how Tibetans preserved and transmitted their monastic, cultural, and textual traditions under unequal power relations. Before arriving at Northwestern, he received an MA from the University of British Columbia. His advisor is Sarah Jacoby.

His writings have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, The Journal of Asian Studies, Lion’s Roar, and The Treasury of Lives. He is an editor of  The Tibet Reader, forthcoming from Duke University Press.