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Allison Hurst

Adjunct Professor of Religious Studies

Allison Hurst (PhD Candidate, Harvard University) is a scholar of the Hebrew Bible. Her dissertation focuses on traditions about Israel’s relationship with Egypt across the canon with particular emphasis on exodus motifs. She is interested in how ancient Israelite authors negotiated these traditions about Egypt across a range of historical periods and circumstances. Allison has worked as a research assistant on “Writing the Bible: Origins of the Old Testament,” a collaboration between The Great Courses and Audible, written by Dr. Martien A. Halvorson-Taylor, and she has written for Ancient Jew Review’s pedagogy series. She previously taught at Harvard Divinity School and Boston College, and she holds a BA from the University of Virginia and an MTS from Harvard Divinity School.

Allison Hurst will be teaching REL 220 Introduction to Hebrew Bible in Fall 2023.