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Major in Religious Studies

*NEW Undergraduate Forms and Processes for Spring Quarter 2020


The departmental major consists of 12 courses in the department:

Course Substitutions

Students may substitute as many as 2 courses on religion from outside the department. These must be taken from the list of approved courses below, or with approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies, Professor Barry Wimpfheimer at, Crowe Hall 4-140, 1860 Campus Drive.

To propose another course for substitution approval, please submit a course description and syllabus, accompanied by a written request, to Professor Barry Wimpfheimer at his departmental box [Religious Studies office, 4th floor, Crowe Hall 4-134].

Double Counting Rules

Many courses offered at Northwestern fit more than one requirement. In some situations, a Weinberg student taking such a course can count it toward multiple requirements; in other situations, such “double-counting” is not allowed.

The Registrar's website provides a useful summary of Weinberg College double-counting rules for specific majors and minors.

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