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Annual 2023-2024 Class Schedule

Course #Course TitleFallWinterSpring
REL 101-7-20First-Year College Seminar: Learning Spaces, Learned BodiesShira E. Schwartz
REL 101-7-21First-Year College Seminar: Queer Religion King
REL 101-8-20First-Year Writing Seminar: Paying AttentionBuckelew
REL 101-8-21First-Year Writing Seminar: Fiction & Memoir as Pathways into US Religious HistoryOrsi
REL 101-8-22First-Year Writing Seminar: Afterlives and Living After: Envisioning Other WorldsStewart
REL 170-20Introduction to the Study of ReligionKing
REL 172-21Introduction to Religion, Media, and CultureTaylor
REL 210-20Introduction to BuddhismBuckelew
REL 210-21Introduction to BuddhismPriice-Wallace
REL 220-20Introduction to Hebrew BibleHurst
REL 221-20Introduction to New TestamentStewart
REL 230-20Introduction to JudaismShira E. Schwartz
REL 240-20Introduction to ChristianityStewart
REL 250-20Introduction to IslamIngram
REL 262-20NEW: Intro to Black ReligionsDennis Meade
REL 272-20 / GERMAN 272-20Luther and the WestHelmer
REL 309-20Hindu Law and Statecraft (RLP)McClish
REL 316-20Religion and the Body in China (RSG, RHM)Buckelew
REL 318-21Religion and Politics in the People's Republic of China (RLP)Terrone
REL 318-23Fate, Fortune, and Karma in East AsiaBuckelew
REL 319-20Topics in BuddhismPriice-Wallace
REL 345-20Sainthood and the Body (RHM, RSG)Stewart
REL 349-20Medicine, Miracles, and Magic: Healthcare in the Middle Ages (RHM) Stewart
REL 349-21Theology and Philosophy of ChristianityHelmer
REL 349-22Topics in ChristianityStewart
REL 360-20The Study of Black Religion & the Digital Humanities (RLP)Dennis Meade
REL 369-20Religion in the Digital Age (RSG)Uca
REL 369-21Asian American ReligionUca
REL 373-20Religion and BioethicsKing
REL 374-20Religion and LiteratureSufrin
REL 377-20Global Black PentecostalismDennis Meade
REL 379-20 / BLK_ST_315-20Religion and Culture in the Caribbean (RLP)Dennis Meade
REL 379-21Topics in Comparative Religion: PilgrimageRichard Kieckhefer
REL 395-20Theories of ReligionOrsi
REL 468-20 / ANTHRO 490-28Graduate Seminar: Textual EthnographyShira E. Schwartz
REL 471-20Graduate Seminar: Sin, Salvation & RacializationMolina
REL 471-22Graduate Seminar: The Study of Religion as VocationOrsi
REL 471-23Religion & Politics: Global Perspectives (RLP)Hurd
REL 481-2-20Graduate Seminar: Classical Theories of ReligionIngram
REL 482-20Graduate Seminar: Philology and Textual CriticismMcClish